To Be The Leading Financial
Company In
The Industry

Our Story

Derived from Urdu, the word "Tez" means Fast, Timely, Smart. Hence TEZ aims to fulfill the financing needs of its clients in a clever and speedy manner based on prudent selection of customers and projects. As a pioneer, the presence of TCF gives a new color in the non-bank financial sector to provide Working Capital Financing.

PT TEZ Capital & Finance (TCF) is a finance company incorporated under Deed of Incorporation number 225 Dated 26th November 2015 by Notary Public Zulhius Patria Delly, SH.,M.KN. and has obtained legalization of entity incorporation from Minister of Law and Human Rights dated 27th November 2015.

Our Story

Our Vision

To be a Leading Financial Company in the industry, our main focus is in providing financial services to selected clients and projects that are prudently selected.

Our Mission

  • To create an effective partnership with our clients by providing added value
  • To generate a healthy asset portfolio
  • To contribute to the growth of the SME sector and the Indonesian economy