As one of Indonesia’s fast growing financing and financial advisory groups, TEZ is your foremost financing partner, providing distinct perspective and ingenious solutions to address our clients’ business needs.

Our integrated national network of trusted professionals and decision makers provide in-depth market intelligence and precise financial solutions. Consisted of seasoned bankers and lawyers, the scale of TEZ’s local knowledge and intellectual capital allows us to provide a distinct perspective and effective long-term solutions for our clients across our three primary products: investment financing, working capital financing, and multi-purpose financing.

Investment Financing

Investment Financing

Financing facility for procurement of capital goods and services

Working Capital Financing

Working Capital Financing

Short-term working capital including bridging capital

Multi-Purpose Financing

Instalment financing scheme for consumptive purposes

Multi-Purpose Financing
Widono Salim

Widono Salim


With this, TEZ strives to always grow alongside our clients, striving for progress. The flow of water means we are flexible in helping you, adjusting based on the needs and the betterment of both our company and our partners.

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